What Can We Expect from iPhone 13

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Apple is all set to announce its new iPhone. The company usually announces its new mobile phone in September. So, this time again a new iPhone is expected in the month of September. Owing to this, there is a great deal of curiosity among the lovers of the iPhone. There are many speculations about the new phone. Thusly, here is a brief analysis of what we can expect in the new iPhone. Keep reading to find out more about this latest release of Apple.

Almost Same Shape

Those who are using the iPhone 12 Pro will get almost the same shape. Although there will be minor changes, the overall look of the iPhone 13 will be the same as the iPhone 12. To explain further, the size of the camera will increase. The size of the front notch will decrease. These are some changes that we can expect in the new iPhone.

Cinematic Video

To move further, we can expect a Cinematic video in the iPhone 13. Now, this is something worth mentioning in the new iPhone. Through this feature, you will be able to make amazing videos similar to a professional camera. Moreover, you will be able to blur the background of the video to make the video cinematic. Last, if you are a blogger or YouTuber, this feature is a treat for you.

A New Colour

We can also expect a new colour in iPhone 13. That colour is Sierra Blue. Further, this colour is an amazing addition as it will distinguish the new iPhone from the old one. Plus, according to the rumours, the demand for this colour is overwhelming. Thus, this is another thing that we can expect in the new iPhone.

Inside the Box

The outer look of the box is similar to the box of the iPhone 12. However, the box of the iPhone 13 will not be packed in a plastic cover. Further, you will get a user manual and a data cable inside the box. This is similar to that of the previous iPhone.

display iphone 13


In summary, there are a few things that we can expect in the new iPhone. Besides the above-mentioned things, there is nothing else to be expected in the new iPhone. The performance of the iPhone 13 will be better than the previous iPhone due to iOS 15. Hence, this is all that we can expect in iPhone 13.