New video games in 2022

Owing to the coronavirus lockdowns, people have to sit in their homes. This gave a rise to the inclination of people towards video games. Similarly, this inclination made people curious about the upcoming video games in 2022. This piece will give them the know-how to the new video games in 2022. So, keep reading to find out which amazing games are all set to release in 2022.

new games in 2022

Gotham Knights

It is a very popular game among game lovers. The cast of this game includes Batman and other characters of the Batman franchise. Further, people are highly anxious to play this game. It is all set to release in 2022. So, it is going to be a top video game of 2022.

Gran Turismo 7

This game is yet another important game based on the racing theme. It is being developed by Polyphony Digital which is an important game developing company. Plus, it is the seventh edition of the series, and its previous editions have been greatly successful. Thusly, this racing game will be another big release of 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy

Another most awaited release of 2022 is Hogwarts Legacy. Its theme is based on the Wizarding World of the 1800s. Besides, this game is also a very important and popular game that has increased the curiosity of game lovers, making it an awaited game of 2022.

Suicide Squad

This game is a shooter game being developed by Rocksteady Studios. This game is a treat for those players who love shooting games. It is one of the most awaited games as the game has some amazing features and graphics.

Pokémon Legend: Arceus

Furthermore, we have been playing and watching Pokémon games and cartoons since childhood. So, the popularity of this game can be analysed through this. Its new version is coming in 2022. The upcoming version is going to be the best game of Pokémon. Thus, this amazing going has captured the attention of a majority of game lovers. We can say that this game is going to be the best game of 2022.


To sum up, there are several games that are all set to release in 2022. The above-mentioned games are those that are the most popular. Moreover, they are going to be the big names in the gaming industry in 2022. Likewise, the year 2022 is going to be a big year for video gaming.