2016 Best Game Releases

Today’s gambling website will have virtual sports in its portfolio and this should not come as a surprise because this is the result of enhanced technology, which conveys advanced visuals and great graphics. In addition, the increased trust levels by punters who know that behind the scenes there are several randomly generated events that integrate the highest level of objectivity has added to the popularity of these games.

Another characteristic that has contributed to the growth and success of virtual betting, which cannot be ignored is the increased interest by millennials. Since this age group constitutes a substantial percentage of the targeted audience, providers and operators are aligning their products to meet their gaming demands. The said operators and providers are discovering new ways of enhancing their betting experiences by building on the millennials mobile tech savviness and need for social interactions.

New Releases

This year has seen the virtual betting providers come up with innovative products that target the millennials. Their products are developed to both entertain as well as provide a real gaming experience for the millennial punter. Some of the popular games that have seen an upgrade in their gaming experience include football, tennis, and horse racing.


If you are a football-betting fan, you will be glad to know that numerous online casinos offer virtual football. These casinos ensure that they utilise the latest 3D visualisation and the betting offers are varied and extensive.

In a majority of the casinos, you will discover that there is a broad range of cup competitions and leagues. The format for the leagues includes 240 fixtures for every season, 16 teams, 8 games in parallel, and 30 match days. The Euro and Nations Cup have similar features and include international teams. The Champions Cup has over 100 matches and 32 teams and is played by European clubs while the World Cup has 63 matches and 32 teams. Some of the latest releases include Go Army Edge Football (Army Game Studio), Challenger Social Football (Challenger), and Football League 22016 Ultimate (Avni Studios)


Virtual betting with regard to tennis is slightly different. The games are based on statistics and analysis of more than 20,000 past real matches. If tennis is your thing, then you will be glad to know that it has some deep level of intensity in realism.tennis1

In June 2016, Playtech the global leader in micro-gaming services and software supplier delivered the world’s most realistic product. The new smash hit tennis sport is live across all devices, channels, and platforms. For a new level of tennis entertainment and betting, you can try out the Playtech 2016 version in most casinos across the world.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest forms of betting and still makes for a favourite pass time for many a punter. You can now enjoy this sport on a real-time virtual platform. The port is based on a wide selection of statistics to enable you to determine your success before the race commences. These games include Derby Horse Quest, Cowboy Horse Racing Field, and Texas: Wild Horse Race in 3D.